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PowerKing 22-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter - PK0322K

PowerKing 22-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter - PK0322K


PowerKing 22-Ton Kinetic Log Splitter - PK0322K

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PowerKing is known for its professional equipment that performs with dependability and authority. The PowerKing 22-Ton 4.5HP Kinetic Log Splitter delivers the perfect balance of power and portability.

The Kohler Command Pro CH245 4.5HP engine has a 3-year commercial warranty which should help to build your confidence in the longevity of this device. It will keep you splitting for years to come!

Don't mess around with hoses, pumps and valves, cylinders, filters, and couplers used on hydraulic units when you can go kinetic. This yields a much simpler design, fewer headaches, and parts to replace or repair over time.

The no-nonsense 3-second split time increases productivity by slicing through even the toughest wood with ease getting you on to other tasks or downtime. In a matter of seconds, the flywheels are at max speed and ready to unleash.  Pulling the engagement handle transfers all of that force to the ram. It shoots out at a high rate of speed into the log and slams it into the wedge splitting the log into 2 pieces. The ram then springs back and flywheels are brought back up to speed producing a cycle time of only 3 seconds.

Included is a foldable front stand for great stability, and a tow bar that supports any 2-inch ball for easy towing around the yard.

Whether you are at your home, yard, or job site, the PK0322K 22-Ton Kinetic log splitter is the perfect splitter for the job. It is a new breed of Power King equipment that out splits hydraulic splitters 6 to 1 and saves you time!


Full Specifications

  • 22 tons of splitting force
  • Kohler Command Pro CH245 4.5 HP engine
  • No Hydraulic Oil Required. No leaking!
  • Auto RAM return for super fast splitting
  • 3 second total cycle time
  • Reversible Hitch creates a convenient workspace for splitting logs to drop off the table.
  • 16"X4.8-8 DOT rated tires up to 45 MPH
  • Max Splitting Length: 20.5 inches
  • Easily splits through 16-inch diameter logs
  • Wedge Height: 6 inches
  • CE Certified
  • Crated dimensions: 57" x 15" x 33"
  • Weight: 364 lbs
  • Warranty: 1 year on manufacturer defects, 3 years on Kohler Engine by the manufacturer
  • SKU: PK0322K
  • PowerKing

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